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 Com First (India) is a niche consultancy organization located in New Delhi, India.



Com First assumes inclusive development as the basis of its work and its relationships with clients. It focuses on a gender perspective in its work.


Com First encourages and actively works with its partners to develop and implement communication strategies in their policies and activities. It offers training in communication tools and techniques.


Public Policy
Com First works to influence and interpret policy on telecommunications and development issues, through public speaking, writing opinion pieces in national dailies and social media and in partnership with groups involved in advocacy.

Com First specialises in communications, broadcasting, gender and development with a special emphasis on policy, regulation and capacity building of stakeholders. Over the last three decades Directors of Com First, have served diverse clients including governments, international development agencies, businesses, civil society groups. The Directors are active professionals involved in advocacy on a wide range of policy and regulatory issues. The company has extensive linkages with peers and stakeholder in its area of work.

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